Auction Management

We at Optimal Fundraising know that you are extremely busy preparing for your upcoming event. Auction management is just one less thing your organization will have to worry about partnering with Optimal Fundraising Group! Let us help you raise more money without the extra hassle and stress, and allow your staff and volunteers to focus on other aspects of the event. All you have to provide us with is the space at your event and we will handle everything from beginning to end including auction management, at no up-front costs to your organization!

Auction Management During Your Event

Strategic Setup of Auction Items & Displays

We give your event the exciting, classy, and professional look that maximizes bidding and enhances your attendees experience.

Auction Staffing and Customer Service

Our staff is there to make sure your attendees are satisfied and any questions or issues are quickly resolved.

Bid Monitoring and Processing

We create, manage and monitor the entire bidding process from start to finish. Bidding can be paper-based or paper-free.

Event Security

Our staff is able to provide your event with the necessary security and monitoring to keep your items safe.

The Optimal Guarantee

  • Total Auction Management
  • Valuable Auction Items
  • ZERO Up Front Costs

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