Complete Auction Services

Optimal Fundraising provides end-to-end auction management with a wide range of auction services before, during, and after your event. We do everything, from beginning to end, to ensure that you have a successful auction for your event with no up-front costs or risks!

Before Your Event

While you are focused on preparation of your upcoming event, Optimal Fundraising provides all of the necessary auction prep services.

Auction Preparation Checklist

  • Blueprint Auction Layout & Display
  • Acquire High-value, Unique and Appealing Sports, Celebrity, and Music Memorabilia , Vacation and Experience Packages, and Jewelry
  • Create Customized Selection of Auction Items
  • Provide Customized Printing of Bid Sheets and Forms, with Organization’s Signage Logo, for all of the Charity’s Donated Items and OFG Supplied Items

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During Your Event

We provide all of the necessary auction services to make sure your auction goes smoothly and your fundraising is maximized.

Auction Management Checklist

  • Staff On-Site to Handle Strategic Setup of all Auction Items, Bidsheets and Displays
  • Provide all Necessary Auction Set-Up Equiptment(Easels, Clipboards, Displays, etc)
  • Auction Staffing & Customer Service Available to Answer Attendee’s Questions About Any Items
  • Security & Event Monitoring

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After Your Event

Once the event is over, we manage all of the payments and deliveries and your organization receives your check.

Auction Wrap-up Checklist

  • Expedited Checkout Services for all Auction Items (Live, Silent, Raffle, Big Board, Etc)
  • Breakdown of Whole Auction
  • Free Shipping & Delivery of Items to Attendees Who Do Not Wish to Take Items Home From the Event
  • Follow Up with Attendees, who did not Check-Out at the Event, to Collect Payment for Their Auction Items and Coordinate Delivery of Their Purchased Item(s)
  • Detailed Bidding Activity Report with Bidder Names, Item Descriptions, and Final Auction Total.

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The Optimal Guarantee

  • Total Auction Management
  • Valuable Auction Items
  • Zero Up Front Costs

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