At Optimal Fundraising Group, our entire team is dedicated to our charity and nonprofit partners. Our fundraising consultants take great pride in offering the best charity auction ideas and hand-selected auction items to generate revenue and support for our charity partners. Enhancing your event donor’s experience and your event’s overall charitable fundraising proceeds is our number goal! We are committed to helping charities, schools, and nonprofits by providing products and services to efficiently run charitable events with ease.

Optimal Fundraising Group supports charities, schools and nonprofits, both large and small to create profitable charity auctions across the nation. To view some of the charities, nonprofits, and organizations we are fortunate to serve and partner with, view Our Partners page. References from many of our charity partners are available upon request.

We are always looking for new partners! View our Partner Referral Program page to find out how you can refer potential new partners to Optimal Fundraising Group!