2013 in Review

7:38 pm

2013 In Review

Happy 2014!

Can you believe it? Two Thousand and FOURTEEN? 2013 flew by!

At the end of each year, and the beginning of a new one, I want to just take a moment to reflect back on how crazy it has been! Optimal Fundraising Group has definitely had its ups and downs in 2013.  From what it seemed like at the time, the never-ending Super Bowl week, new website, non-stop traveling, shipping difficulties, product sell outs, and every other “difficult” moment we faced, we continued to see the ultimate goal, GIVING BACK!  Difficulty is only what you make it.  It is only difficult if you quit.  From each new journey, we learned.  We got bigger.  We got better.  We did grow.  We did GIVE BACK! We had one successful event after another, and went from a few employees to doubling in size! We launched our social media pages.  We supplied new, exciting auction items for our amazing organizations! We got our new business logo.  We got new clients.  We earned the trust of new clients and valuable recommendations from reoccurring clients.

We are so proud and happy to report we helped charities across the country raise over $750,000!   For our next year we hope for even more! We’ll be featuring new auction items, building a mobile auction app, and launching our custom designed online auction website.

Our new year’s wish for you is that in all things you do, or do not do, that you always keep living. Live to see the glory in everything you fight for and everything you do. We know 2014 will hold even more for our amazing charity organizations and mostly, we just can’t wait to blow your minds with our company and its services.

Happy New Years!