Same Annual Charity Auction Items?

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Acquiring charity auction items from your nonprofit supporters?

Good or Bad Idea?

Good Idea

– Free Donated Items

– Receive 100% of the Proceeds

– Easy routine item request

Bad Idea

– Your donor is attending the benefit, and their donated item isn’t getting bids. If you are an optimistic person, you’re HOPING they won’t care, but in reality, they most likely feel bad or even a bit grumpy that no one liked their donation! I’m sure many people would agree with me. Not to mention, that one donation did not get many or any bids has now upset the donor, wasted table space, and did not raise your organization money!

– Do NOT be fooled, donors DO ask how well their item sold. So even if they do NOT attend, they might still be offended that their charitable effort was worthless.

– Why continue to bid on an item that you know will be an auction item next year? Sure, popular items might be great the first couple years, but you are “training” bidders to expect same routine items, resulting in declined up bidding.

We often get charity organizers who, after asking for donations all year long, worry donors will show up to their big annual fundraising gala or auction without the intention to spend big money. This is commonly referred to as donor fatigue.

Donor Fatigue – a phenomenon in which people no longer give to charities, although they have donated in the past

Is donor fatigue  a real issue, or is it just an excuse for your declined fundraising results?

Donor Fatigue can and will happen when the same repetitive auction items are offered year after year.


Stop wasting time asking your supporters for uninteresting random knick-knacks, and get charity auction items that your donors will want to bid on! Do not feel guilty asking for outside help! You will be putting desirable items in front of donors to buy and raising more money for your organization!

In particular, you want items that will sell well with your audience.  Do you have young parents with kids? Grandparents? Young adults? Retirees? High rollers? Not so big spenders? Music lovers? Sport fanatics? Wine lovers? World Travelers? Adventure Junkies?

Regardless of your crowd, there are certain items that tend to sell well among many demographics.  There are also certain items that don’t sell well among most demographics. So I recommend beginning with, and focusing primarily on, the tried-and-true.

Autographed Music Memorabilia

If you can get verified, autographed music memorabilia that has a certificate of authenticity the value of these items will reach unparalleled heights on its fair market value. Typically items like these can fetch up to 700% of their true fair market value at the right auction.

Tickets To Sports Games

Tickets to a local sporting event or a professional sporting event in your area can be bid up over 300% of their fair market value. You’ll always find a couple of fans willing to bid high to support their team, particularly star players.


One of the items that can be bid upwards of 300% on its fair market value. Be careful with this category though! Jewelry is very difficult to acquire at a discounted below retail price.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can command over 600% of its fair market value. Signed sports memorabilia, including autographed footballs, baseball jerseys, or other equipment from your region’s favorite team, is guaranteed to attract top bidders, raising 370%-630% of their fair market value.

Vacation Packages

A vacation package can reach nearly 500% of its fair market value at a silent auction. Consider a weekend vacation experience to make it more convenient to fit in your guest’s schedules and increase the number of potential bidders. Guests are just as happy to bid on a domestic trip over an international one, as there is less paperwork and organization involved, so don’t feel obligated going over the top with international trips!

Exclusive Experiences

Exclusive experiences could be a private winery tour, or backstage passes at an upcoming show.

When you’re ready to take your auction to the next level, one category of big-ticket item you can add is “experiences.”  People love to bid on things they can’t find anywhere else… things they consider priceless.  Examples of good experiences to offer include: a backstage pass to a ballet performance, a chance to ride in the local news helicopter during a traffic report, the opportunity for you and a friend to play basketball with two members of the local professional team, etc.

If you can deliver something that an individual can buy from a ticket website, you will quickly see the price climbed to massive heights!

Kill two birds with one stone. Charitable donors statistically travel 2-3 times per year for pleasure. Wouldn’t it be great if your donor purchased their vacation at your auction instead of booking it online?

Optimal Fundraising Group provides once-in-a-lifetime memorabilia, jewelry, handbags. and vacation and experience packages that can be used in your next charity auction completely risk-free. Your organization doesn’t pay for anything. When an item or package is sold at or over the cost of the package, your charity benefits! There is no risk for you and your Nonprofit to include our auctions items and packages in the upcoming event. Not only will you keep all money that is generated over the minimum bid and a portion of the minimum bid, but our incredible items and packages will also generate an invaluable level of excitement around the event.

Instead of wasting time sitting around and hoping for the best, use items and packages provided by Optimal Fundraising Group to generate some buzz leading up to your next event. Since all of our auction items and package are risk-free, you’ve really got nothing to lose!

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